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The Compagny

PLANÈTE BLEUE produces (or co-produces) documentary television series and feature broadcasts for Canadian and international audiences.
All projects are selected with clear marketing objectives in mind.

In applying its creative intuition to what the public really wants to see, PLANÈTE BLEUE has a proven understanding of international markets.
A varied audience is targeted with features and series that will remain in demand for viewing and replay.

Marketing Objectives

Technology, the way we work and consume, how the media influences audiences, all these determine the shape of our contemporary society. The individual is constantly bombarded by the world outside.

PLANÈTE BLEUE gives priority to documentary projects that re-examine human psychology. The public is both curious and voyeuristic, with a demonstrated fascination for whatever is unusual, mysterious or that invokes hidden powers.

PLANÈTE BLEUE offers programs around themes that appeal to this vast audience and its fascination in the Supernatural, the World of Dreams and Inspiration, the Abnormal, and Bizarre Behaviour generally – all of these figure in the PLANÈTE BLEUE catalogue.


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